6 ft (1.83m) USB 3.0 Active Optical Cable


The Unibrain USB 3.0 Active Optical Cable (AOC) was designed to be compliant with SuperSpeed USB specifications, offering seamless interoperability between existing USB 3.0 hosts, hubs & devices.
With an ultra thin profile (just 3mm OD), the Unibrain USB 3.0 AOC breaks the distance barrier and introduces USB 3.0 devices to a whole new range of applications, such as long distance machine vision, security & High Definition surveillance, industrial & medical machine control.
The USB 3.0 Active Optical Cables are also ideal for applications that have strict EMI/RFI requirements.

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This item is custom ordered with minimum order quantity of 10 units.
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  •  One (1) 6 ft USB 3.0 AOC cable.
  • Length variation tolerance +/- 10 cm.
  • USB adapter for AOC is *not* included.

For more information: USB 3.0 Active Optical Cables specifications