Basler A602fc Firewire-400 camera


The BASLER A602fc is a progressive scan CMOS, color camera, designed for industrial use. It’s main characteristic is the very high frame rate combined with a robust, high precision housing.

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Main Camera Features:
• C-Mount, 656×490 square pixels, external trigger.
• 1/2 inch, primary colors Bayer CMOS.
• 100 fps.
• 8 or 10 bits/pixel, synchronization by 1394 bus.
• 400 Mbps, partial scanning (AOI, Area Of Interest).
• small size 67.3x44x29 mm, 100 grams.
• 8-36 VDC, low power 1.7 Watt (12 VDC).

The kit includes:
• One Basler A602fc Firewire-400 digital camera.
• One 4.5m (15 ft) 6p to 6p firewire cable.
• Unibrain’s Fire-i Software driver and control application for IIDC 1394 Digital Cameras.