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    Tripod adapter for Unibrain Bonsai firewire cameras

    Tripod adapter mount for Unibrain camera models Fire-i 530/630/830.

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    Unibrain 4 ports USB 3.0 hub

    Unibrain’s USB 3.0 hub is a high performance device that can accommodate the full load of up to 5 Gbps from 4 USB 3.0 devices.
    The hub features 4 downstream Type-A USB 3.0 ports and 1 upstream Type-B port for connection to the computer.

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  • Unibrain Fire-i API™ development kit

    Fire-i API is a complete SDK for developing and debugging professional applications for 1394 IIDC Digital Cameras.

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  • Unibrain Fire-i Digital Camera

    The Fire-i Digital Camera is the best home/office firewire camera available in the market. Its superior performance clearly distinguishes it from other Firewire or USB cameras.
    With a crystal clear 640×480, 30 fps resolution and 400 Mbps transfer rate, the Fire-i Digital Camera is ideal for Video conferencing, Video capturing, Surveillance and Monitoring applications.
    Its compact size and very low power consumption make Fire-i the perfect companion for all Desktop and Portable computers.

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  • Unibrain FireAPI™ development kit

    The FireAPI™ SDK provides software developers with all the tools they need for developing and debugging any 1394 application in the Windows environment.
    It is based on Unibrain`s 1394 Stack Technology (ubCore™), the next generation of innovative 1394a (Firewire-400) and 1394b (Firewire-800) driver suite for the Windows platform.
    Moreover, it is the only 1394 SDK providing a complete User Mode interface to the developer and a collection of diagnostic utilities.

    For more information: FireAPI SDK product home page

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  • Unibrain11000 mAh fast charge power bank

    *This product is available only in Europe*

    The Unibrain 11000 mAh portable fast charge power bank is available in three silicone covers (pink, green and blue).
    Weighting only 240gr makes it portable and suitable for all occasions when extra power is needed.

    Indicatively, when fully charged, it can charge an iPad 9.7″ once, an iPhone 7/8 around 4.5 times, an iPhone Plus or iPhone X or Galaxy S7/S8 around 2.5 times.
    With a blue led indicator and an on off power button you can see the charging status and the remaining capacity at all times. It comes with a Colorful Rubber Cover and a Micro USB cable.

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  • USB adapter for AOC

    USB adapter for AOC

    The USB “Super” adapter adds USB 2.0 support to the Active Optical Cables (AOC) while still allowing USB 3.0 SuperSpeed connections.
    The adapter also eliminates the use of the USB 3.0 hub, that comes with the AOC, when only one device will connect to the AOC.

    It comes with a power adapter which can be used for powering the bus for devices that are bus powered. The power adapter is not required for self powered USB devices.

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