Fire-i board b/w camera, remote CCD


The Fire-i™ Digital Board Camera Remote CCD has exactly the same features and functionality as the Fire-i™ Digital Board Camera™, along with the possibility to extend the CCD to a remote distance and place the lens into a small volume.

This Fire-i™ Digital Board Camera Remote CCD is the ideal camera for industrial and/or robotic applications that require fixed position of the main camera board and unique placement of just the CCD part.
The remote board comes with the standard M12x0.5 lens holder and all Unibrain (and third party compliant) micro-lenses can be used.

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Main Specifications:

  • Uncompressed VGA b/w picture up to 30 fps in Y-MONO.
  • Square pixels, Progressive Scan 1/4″ CCD (Sony ICX-098BL).
  • Continuous variable-speed shutter.
  • High horizontal and vertical resolution (both approx. 480 TV-lines).
  • Low power consumption 1.0 W max, 0.9 typical and software controllable sleep mode at 0.4W.
  • Power jack input 8-30 Volt Dc.