Unibrain Fire-i API™ development kit


Fire-i API is a complete SDK for developing and debugging professional applications for 1394 IIDC Digital Cameras.

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Main Features

  • Complete Open Source C++ class for full camera control.
  • DirectShow based drivers, WIA compatible in Windows Me/XP.
  • Full set of functions for display and storage of frames, live video and TCP streaming.
  • Support for YUV, RGB, Y-8 and Y-16.
  • Support of any format including user-defined (Format_7).
  • Multilanguage support via open source .net Wrapper.


  • Generic driver for all IIDC 1.31 compliant models.
  • Driver support for all 1394b (Firewire-800) IIDC cameras.
  • Specific drivers for models of Unibrain, Sony, AVT, Basler, Hamamatsu, JVC, PointGrey, Pixelink, Toshiba.
  • Fire-iAPI™ Header and Lib files.
  • Fire-i™ application source code.
  • Great variety of source samples and extensive documentation.
  • Three months free development support.


Operating Systems supported:

Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista & 64 bit XP/Vista