Fireboard800-e Pro Dual Channel 1394b PCI-e adapter

Fireboard800-e Pro Dual™ 1394b PCIe adapter w/ FireAPI license


Fireboard800-e Pro DualTM is a four (4) port, dual channel PCIe host adapter ideal for multi-camera acquisition systems that require fast and reliable data transfers to the host system. The card allows simultaneous image acquisition from up to 8 cameras at total data throughput of 160 MB/sec using a single x1 PCIe slot, and utilizes deep isochronous FIFOs that guarantee an uninterrupted data flow.

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Main Features:

  • Dual Texas Instruments XIO2213B  High Performance 1394b to PCI Express OHCI integrated Link/PHY host controller chipset.
  • Four (4) fully backward compatible, Bilingual 1394b, 9 pin ports at up to 800 Mbits/sec.
  • Full compliance with PCI Express revision 1.1, single lane (x1) interface.
  • Hardware support for eight (8) DMA channels, which permits the concurrent transmit/receive of up to 8 isochronous data streams.
  • Internal power connector (big IDE) for extra power stability.
  • Industrial 1394b screw lock cables support.

This board is delivered with a an activation key that unlocks Unibrain`s Windows 1394b (Firewire-800) drivers and acts as a license for FireAPI Development Toolkit