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    Firecard400-e 1394a ExpressCard 34 adapter

    Firecard400-e™ is a 1394a (Firewire 400) ExpressCard/34, OHCI compliant adapter, which has been designed to meet the demanding firewire requirements of modern laptop and notebook computers.

  • Unibrain11000 mAh fast charge power bank

    *This product is available only in Europe*

    The Unibrain 11000 mAh portable fast charge power bank is available in three silicone covers (pink, green and blue).
    Weighting only 240gr makes it portable and suitable for all occasions when extra power is needed.

    Indicatively, when fully charged, it can charge an iPad 9.7″ once, an iPhone 7/8 around 4.5 times, an iPhone Plus or iPhone X or Galaxy S7/S8 around 2.5 times.
    With a blue led indicator and an on off power button you can see the charging status and the remaining capacity at all times. It comes with a Colorful Rubber Cover and a Micro USB cable.